April 23, 2024


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Tips To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your eCommerce Business

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name for Ecommerce

When you want to search a certain website, the first thing you do it input the domain name of that website in the search engine. You can say that the domain names are the identity of all the websites. Since these domain names are so important, you must pick the perfect one. 

When you make a plan for building a website, you will have to buy domain and hosting packages. Please understand that you cannot choose a name just because you like it and it suits your business. There are multiple factors that you will have to consider. 

Let us understand domain names and then discuss a few tips for picking the best domain name for your ecommerce site. 

Domain Name

Your website has a virtual address to identify your location on the World Wide Web, and this address is called your website address. If you have an eCommerce website, your website address can be “ www.ecommercesite.com “. 

Now, “ecommercesite.com” is your website’s domain name, denoting that you belong to the “.com” domain under the “ecommercesite” name.

Now, let us learn more about how to pick the best domain name for your website!

Tips To Choose The Best Domain Name For Your eCommerce Website

  • Check Availability

If you visit the best domain name registrar website, you will be able to track the availability of the domain names you have shortlisted. Most of the time, your picks might already be taken by other websites. First, check the availability of the name and then move forward to pick the best available domain name.

  • Check Copyrights

You have to verify if any trademark or copyright infringement is happening in your selected. You would not want any kind of legal action being taken against your new eCommerce website. It is a hindrance to your business and a huge loss. Beware of it and check the copyright and trademark of your available name.

  • Use Name Generator

If your chosen name is not available or is coming under copyright infringement, you can make use of name generator tools. These tools will show you if the names you have chosen are taken or not and also recommend new domain names for consideration. The tools include keywords related to the scope of your business to attract more customers.

  • Short Name

You must always keep your domain name short and sweet. The biggest reason is that your visitors should be able to memorise the name in the first go. Something more than 15 or 17 letters should be cancelled. 

  • Be Flexible

You should be flexible in the kind of name you want for your site. Since it is an eCommerce website, there are certain limitations where you will have to stick to the scope of your business. But, even within that scope you must remain flexible and keep more options available in case the name is already taken. 

  • Memorable

As mentioned above, your business depends on customer retention and repeat visitors. The visitors must be able to memorise the domain name if you want them to come back, and for that, your domain name should be memorable! Be creative and quirky to make it so!

Finishing Note

Abovementioned are a few notes that will help you choose the perfect name for your website address. Once you understand the importance of a domain name, you will understand the significance of choosing the right name for your website.

An eCommerce website depends on customer retention and repeat visitors. The domain name for an eCommerce site should always be the best one possible. Be creative, be unique, and be smart!