May 20, 2024


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How To Boost Profits Using Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is one of the most primary and basic marketing techniques employed by internet marketers for there online activities, be it MLM, Affiliate Marketing And The Rest.

Common PPC advertising platform is Goggle’s AdWords and yahoo formerly (overture). There are numerous other sites such eBay trying there hand in this field but I will stick to Goggle AdWords as it is more common.

Pay per Click advertising (Goggle AdWords) came along to ensure that small businesses have a chance at attracting web visitors who are browsing for particular key words based niche specific Ads AND mostly appear on the left hand side of a search page. This ensures based on your bid, budget and ranking your ad appears somewhere in the early stages of a particular keyword search.

So how do does PPC compliment your affiliate marketing activities?

Firstly, understand that you need high click through rates (CTR) to your site or a site you are promoting and this high CTR should be complimented by high conversion rates(number of visitors to your site who actually buy from your site or link) for you to make business sense. This is true because Goggle charges you for the number of clicks a particular ad gets. Posting the ad is totally free so as to mention and this is what pay per click is famous for, literally you only pay for people that visit your store (website). And if carefully used, a budget of as low as $5 dollars can result in high sales and conversions later on.

So remember high CTR and low conversion means losses to you and high CTR and high conversion rates imply profits and that’s what we are here for.

The key to both here lies in your ability to create attractive, short ads with highly targeted keywords which brings me to my second point, You need to perform a serious keyword search in your marketing niche of interest. Highly targeted keywords are more likely to be picked up by search engines such as Google and Yahoo which will imply better page ranking. So keep in mind that keywords are the soul of your ads, I cannot emphasize this enough. There are numerous tools out there that can help you in your keyword search. Do a Google search for “keyword tools’ and acquaint your self with these tools’ I would particularly recommend Niche Bot but feel free to try out the others.

Thirdly maximize the potential of your Pay Per Click marketing campaign by ensuring people who click click through your ads are captured in away that makes them Repeat Customers. This is the idea, when click through your ad, I might check out your ad, probably get interrupted by my daughter or my internet connection goes down and boom you pay for the click and end up with no conversion. If you have landing page on your website through which you link with your affiliate program for which you are marketing, Give Away a freebie, which in this case may be a free report on your particular niche. For people to access these free report or whatever other freebie you put on offer, have them give you their email address and /or name. That means they are in your database for future marketing services. In effect you get to create a repeat customer courtesy of a few cents (what you pay for the original click to your ad.

Well this report can in no way demystify the broad spectrum of pay per click advertising for that you will have to sign up for a free account with Google ad words if you are not already using pay per click advertising, and for those already using pay per click advertising,hope you found a useful tip here to boost your affiliate profits here.

The bottom line to any successful marketing operation will be founded on the provision of high quality services or products to potential buyers and hence the need for you as an affiliate to always uphold integrity and high standards. With that in mind you can use PPC to boost your online profits and smile all the way to the bank.

Good luck.