May 22, 2024


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How To Start a Small Business in Canada

Starting a business in Canada — A step by step guide - Wise, formerly  TransferWise

Sometimes, starting a new business could be exhausting and overwhelming, and most people think it is the same everywhere, but that’s not true. Starting a business in Canada is nothing compared to starting in a different city or country. The process is said to be very fast and user-friendly, and it takes just a few days, and in some situations, a day is all it takes. 

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Here are a few ways to start a small business of your choice in Canada 

  • Come Up With Good and Valid Business Ideas

Every successful business begins with having a good idea. This doesn’t matter if you are in Canada or any other part of the country; it is really important. As an upcoming businessman/woman, you are expected to study your skills, focus on the current trends, and look for other means to develop yourself. 

You can bank on other existing concepts or contribute something new and tangible to the market. It is also of utmost importance that you test your ideas before investing your money in them.

  • Write a Business Plan

The only way to turn your business idea is by turning your idea into a business plan. This allows you to scrutinize everything about the current trends and know more about the industry, the products, and the market for your business. 

Your business plan would also offer you something to present to potential investors and money lenders. Before launching your business in the market, you are expected to have an accurate and complete business plan to help guide you. 

  • Choose a Good Name for Your Business

When picking a business name, you should put into consideration the legal market. The Canadian government places more value on corporations rather than on sole proprietorships, but it is also important that, as a business owner, you should consider legal issues while naming your business. 

All businesses should be registered under the Canadian government, and when it comes to marketing, your business name should relay what the business is all about, thereby promoting it memorably and appealing to the eyes. 

  • Get a Business License

Getting a business license sometimes might not be necessary for all businesses, but many new businesses may need a license before operating legally.

  • Register for Provincial Sales Tax

Some cities in Canada are yet to synchronize their sales taxes with federal GST. In this case, you would have to register to receive and remit suitable provincial tax.

  • Buy Additional Business Insurance

Asides from the required employment insurance that is legal, your business also needs more protection. You can pick from different options, but make sure to discuss them with an insurance agent and lawyer. 

  • Market Your Business

After putting much effort into planning and launching your business, it is of utmost importance to promote your business. 


Starting a business in Canada is one thing, but remaining consistent is another. Plan your market strategy alongside your business plan, and translate those plans into goals.