March 2, 2024


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Guidelines For Preparing Your Home For A Decorator; Painter

How to Prep a Room for Paint | Martha Stewart


Once you’ve gotten a painter and decorator to come to your home in order to redecorate or re-paint it, then you’re likely quite relieved that you don’t have to actually do the job yourself.

You can now relax knowing that you’ve hired the right professionals who know how to do their jobs. With that said, there are a couple of things you should do on your own to ensure that your home is ready to be redecorated or re-painted. This will ensure that these professionals can simply start working once they arrive.

Move small items

Depending on the size of the room that has to be painted, you will need to figure out how many small objects you need to move. For example, if it is a living room or bedroom, then you will likely have a lot more things to move than if it is a bathroom. It is quite important that you move these items from rooms that are about to be painted and ensure they are stored in another space where they are safe from paint or being broken.

In the event that you have small furniture that need to remain in the room such as a small chest, dressers, tables etc, then you should place them in the middle of your room. This will ensure that they are out of the way of the painters and you can still access them when you need to.

Move mirrors, paintings, wall hangings etc.

Next, every room will have a different number of wall hangings, however, you still need to remove them. Then you will have to brush and clean any dust or cobwebs that may be on the wall behind them. You should clean your wall hangings as well, wrap them and store them in a safe area.

Now, even if you want to return the wall hangings to their original spot when the painting is complete, you should definitely remove them from the wall. This is to ensure that the entire wall gets painted and is the same colour since you may decide to change the layout of your room and wall decor over time. When it comes to the nails on the wall, this will depend on what your painter prefers. In many cases, you can leave the nails and the painter will simply paint over them. This will allow you to easily hang your wall decor back when the paint is dried in their original spots.

Protect your furniture

It is best to remove as much of your furniture out of the room that is going to be painted. This will allow your painters and decorators to easily paint the room without worrying about any accidents.

In the event that you have furnishings that can’t be moved to another room such as sofas, chairs, beds etc, then it is best to place them in the middle of your room. Then, cover them using plastic sheets, or normal sheets. This will ensure that they are well protected from any paint that may splash or drip on them.

Prepare your walls for painting

After you have moved the small items from the room, moved or covered your furniture etc, the next thing that you need to do is prepare your walls for painting. In the event that there is any dust, cobwebs etc on your walls, then all you need to do is clean them by brushing or you can use a vacuum to quickly get rid of them.

Step 2: Next, you need to remove old paint from your walls, especially if it is flaking. If there is anything else on your walls that you don’t want to get painted on, make sure and remove them as well. If you don’t do this, the paint will not be able to properly stick to the walls and would easily peel off. It is easy to get rid of dust and cobwebs by brushing, but if there is grease on your walls, then you will need to clean it off using a mixture of water and dish soap.

It is critical that you take the time to thoroughly clean and prepare your walls for painting. You should do so with all the surfaces that will be painted such as your skirting boards, walls, ceiling etc. While you are cleaning and preparing these areas, you’ll likely find parts that would require further deep cleaning. So, make sure that you address these issues before you call your painters.