May 24, 2024


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Doing Business Related To Agricultural Products In Guangzhou

Despite its journey towards industrialization, Guangzhou has not neglected its agricultural industry. This was also the right thing to do, because the demand for agricultural products is always on the rise. In fact, the whole situation came to such a pass that the country has to clamp down the export of some of its agricultural products. There were 84 such products like wheat, rice, soybean, and oat among others. This step helped in reining the rising inflation. So, demand of agricultural goods has never been a problem in any part of China including Guangzhou. That is why you can contemplate to start agricultural product business in Guangzhou.

If you want to gauge the scope of the agricultural business in Guangzhou, then the best possible way to do so is to join the annual Guangzhou Fair. The first edition of the fair was held in the year 1993. In 2010, the fair completed its 18th successful year. The fair has found two heavy weight patrons – the China Foreign Trade Center and the Guangzhou Government.

Apart from various top agricultural producers from Guangzhou, the fair is also attended by companies from some of its sister cities. Among the major participants in this fair, Taiwan has brought the best products in 2010. In fact, products from that city have found much favor among the locals here. By attending eh fair, you can also know about the Cantonese brands that are making waves in the market and are lapped up by consumers. The most popular Cantonese brands include Linnan and Pan Tang, among others.

These fairs show the suitable environment that has helped in the growth of all kinds of business in Guangzhou. It is amidst this environment that the Canton Fair will take place in 2011, beginning from April 19. It will be conducted in three phases, where the third phase is reserved for various food products, especially agricultural products. This biggest fair of China has place for all kinds of business. Starting from electronic equipments to agricultural products, you will find everything under one big roof. Producers, agents, and buyers come here to known about new products. If you can invest enough funds for research and development, then this will be the ideal place to showcase the fruit of your hard work.

Experts also believe that visiting China International Food Exhibition and Guangzhou Import Food Exhibition 2011 is another important step for getting success in agricultural business in this city.

If you are ambitious enough to open an agricultural business in Guangzhou, then go ahead. It will ultimately help you to enter other parts of China as well.