June 23, 2024


Marketing Needs Experts

Advertise Your Business Using Personalised Stubby Holders

Among the thousands of items businesses use for advertising, personalised stubby holders are the most frequently used throughout the year. These drinking companions wrapped snugly around bottles, cans and glasses of beer are light and handy, making them a common sight in bars, pubs, restaurants, parties, gatherings, social events, barbeques, swimming pools, and in homes. So, if you’re planning an advertising gimmick with optimum exposure, do it with personalised stubby holders.

Perfect summer giveaway

Summer time spells beach and outdoor fun. Exploit the season by giving away stubby holders where there are large crowds. These holders are welcome treats to keep beer and drink cans cool while people bask in the sun. They’re great ideas for drawing attention to your business while generating lots of goodwill from your market. Promote your business or advertise your brand by printing your company name and/or logo on these personalised holders.

All-year round promotion

Beer is the world’s most popular beverage and perhaps most loved in Australia. But it’s a drink that has to be chilled and served ice cold. Keeping its iciness can be a challenge and wrapping the bottle or glass with stubby holders does the trick. These coolers are made of neoprene which acts as a barrier to maintain the cool temperature of drinks. And people drink beer regardless of the season. Putting your brand on frequently used items results in maximum marketing mileage.

Make a good first impression

If you’re starting a new business or launching a new product, making a good impression to your market is very important. The usual caps, pens, calendars and clocks may be given away but they lack the novelty and oomph of stubby holders. These items come in a wide range of colours, shapes and sizes and are easily custom-printed to convey your message as well as your contact information. With a little creativity, they will readily add a touch of class to your marketing campaign.

Giving out items with your brand name printed on them is a proven, effective and powerful way to make people aware of your brand. You can be predictable by having the usual freebies that people may be tired of receiving, or you can choose to stand out and be appreciated by giving away attractive personalised stubby holders.