June 23, 2024


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Where can I find a good Website Design Company

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Are you a Small Business looking for a new website Design? Here’s a Great Website Design Company you’ll simply fall in love with.

Aleph Website  is a Website Design and Development agency that has discovered a new way of creating websites that allows them to develop GREAT WEBSITES AT LOW PRICES. In fact, that’s their slogan.

Aleph Website can develop a website worth  $50,000 for less than $5,000. That’s 10x cheaper than the market price. We told you that you’re gonna fall in love with this company! We mean it.

How did Aleph Website come about?

Aleph Website is made up of 3 specialists (1 developer, 1 designer and 1 SEO/Content Specialist). This team of ambitious, talented and young individuals who have been freelancing for years. These individuals have encountered many drawbacks working for different employers, clients, and platforms. 

During the conversations they had among themselves, they’ve realized that these problems are persistent everywhere in the Web Design industry. Three major problems faced by the Web Design industry:

1. Websites are overpriced!

The actual cost of website design is low! It is the cost of management, company expenditure, office, executives, and advertisement that makes Websites cost so much.

Also, some marketing companies don’t want to drop their prices as they want to compete in pricing in the opposite direction. They’re reasoning is that the higher the price, the better the website.

That’s where Aleph Website comes in and disrupts this whole corrupt system. By cutting the unnecessary costs and setting a realistic bar on Website Pricing – Aleph Website has HEALED the Web Design Industry.

The remedy is in effect already. It will take a few years to completely excrete  all the poison left in the body of this industry.

2. Web Design Agencies are touting and dishonest!

Beside the obvious overpricing, Design Agencies don’t want to talk about prices. Go ahead and find a Design Agency that transparently talks about pricing… There’s none! 

Web Design Agencies hide prices because they want the customer to come to them and schedule a call with a Sales Representative.

This Sales Rep then practices a full spectrum of persuasion tricks to convince the customer of buying an overpriced website – lying straight to the face of the customer with no shame or whatsoever.

If that wasn’t enough, wait until you see how bad is the website they will sell you. It will not work the way you want it. It will be slow, and underperform on every single parameter of measurement.

3. Post-Creation Process

Once the website is “done.” You will discover that there are still additional features required and modifications that were overlooked. This is normal, every process of creation is as such, you do something and you figure out new things along the way. Marketing companies and Web Design Agencies are WELL AWARE OF IT! But they choose to keep their mouths shut, waiting for you to fall in this trap.

Once you have identified a set of tasks needed to really finish the website, the Sales Rep will inform you that the cost of a single hour of labor is $100. To get the job done, you need to pay for additional 20 hours of labor.

Sneaky, and scheming are these companies. Now you have to pay extra $2,000 on top of an already overpriced website. 

What you need to know about Aleph Website

Aleph Website is a Web Design and Development agency in Rochester, Upstate New York, USA. 

Discover more about Aleph Website here: ALEPH WEBSITE – All you need to know about Websites!

Aleph Website is noble, transparent and honest. 

This is the strategy of Aleph Website: SAY IT AS IT IS.

Aleph Website posts regularly and helps Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs develop the best solutions for their websites. 

Consultancy with Aleph Website is Free of charge and they’re really friendly and forthcoming. If you need any help around your website, they’re more than willing to support you and see you succeed!

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