May 22, 2024


Marketing Needs Experts

Think Milky Way Big

I’ve been going out a lot in the evenings to look up at the stars. I always pick out a twinkling beauty and make a wish. Must be left over from childhood when I routinely did those sorts of magical things. Just hanging out under the stars makes me wonder why so many adults have bought into the unmagical version of adulthood, moaning through life, weighted down by lots of shoulds, have tos and musts.

A lack of magic can enter the entrepreneurial arena too. Lots of business owners saying and doing the same things, even on the Internet. Here’s an idea. Try to forget what everyone else is doing to make money and step outside the copycat circle. Try something new, something outrageous, something so Milky Way Big you aren’t sure you can even do it. It’s when you’re teetering on the edge of belief that you’re most likely to jump off and learn to fly on the way down.

Be willing to let go of what has always been done in your marketing space so you can make room for what hasn’t been done and what needs to be done. If you’ve lived on the planet for a decent amount of time, you’ve got more than enough observations on business and life to come up with something new and different. This my friends is your brand.

Make time on some clear night after you read this article to wander outside and look up at the stars and the vast bigness that surrounds them. Start to Think Milky Way Big and you’ll have all the courage you need to look at your business (and life) in a new way.