July 13, 2024


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PR Vs Advertising

PR Vs Advertising

When you need to create some media impression for your newly launched business, you can consider some basic methods such as television advertising, radio, online marketing, and you can also hire professional PR firms to generate press releases for your business or company. But public relation and advertising are not the same things, and you have to understand the difference between public relation and other advertising methods. For example, when you employ a competitive sales team for your product promotion and for outdoor sales, they generally try to make an effective engagement with a new audience, and they help you to find the possible customers for your products. This is also considered as a public relation technique. But your press releases must not be conducted or held by your own employees, and that could be posted by such reputed anonymous PR agency. Through the second way, people can not only increase their sales volume, but they can also build their brand value in the global market.

What is the difference between press release and advertising?

You can control your advertising and you can create, edit, circulate and restrict your advertisements anytime. Moreover, you need to pay for different advertising modes such as print media, online advertising, radio and television advertising. Remember your last billboard advertisement, which you made by your creative team and you paid the rent for the billboard. But when you go for a market-oriented PR, then you cannot control them with your own team and no cost will be charged for the press releases. Any reputed PR firm can circulate positive and negative PR for your company, and you must ensure that your company is able to have a positive imprint upon the global market.

· Control panel: you have the control panel for your advertising and you can include some impressive images, illustrations and content for your business in your advertisements. Even after a certain time, you can also change your flyer and promote different products with separate flyers. But for the PR, once you release your post, you cannot change it afterward. Afterward, the journalists will decide what to do, and they can nullify your post without informing you. Press releases are more authentic, and clients can customers can consider these press releases as a genuine media impression.

· No deadline: Do you want to publish a print ad in a daily newspaper? Then you should create the flyer and send it to the editor of the news paper before the deadline. Even after the deadline set up by the news paper agency, you have many choices to publish the same advertisement on billboard, other news papers and in online advertisement portals. But if you publish the press release once, you cannot remove it. Different companies as well as online news forums will read your post from the main source, and give their feedback afterward.

· Spinning news: you may think that if you create some positive and impressive advertisements, then reporters will write some positive new stories. But this is a misconception because reporters will not write anything on the basis on your advertisements; they will find the scoops from their genuine source. So PR or press release cannot be modified, spun or controlled by the company. But paid advertisements are the pet of the company.

Don’t try to make a fool of your customer:

If you think that consumers are ignorant about market trends, and you can easily impress them by showing some positive advertisements, then you are living in a fool’s paradise. Customers can test your products once, but if they find it bad then they will start messaging others to avoid your products. So paid ads can provide you limited and initial sales, so if you want to make your company stable then PR is the only genuine public impression policy.

You can hire a reporter or a public relation company to write your press release, but don’t think that they will write their story to impress you. They will test your products, or they will gather some information from your previous customers, and then they will write the press release on the basis of these reviews. So think twice why customers rely on press releases, not on the advertisements.

Your PR cannot be published at this moment:

You want to make some commercial press releases for your company? PRs cannot be commercialized because they need to generate authentic information only. So no PR company, or reporter will convert your commercial motive into their press release, because they are not your employee and they are recruited for using genuine information only. So next time when you plan to generate a commercial PR, you must be ready to get the answer as “NO”.