May 22, 2024


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Online MLM Training – How to Become Online MLM Mastermind

If you want to become MLM mastermind, then you’ll want to read this article. Specifically we’ll discuss the bread and butter of The Online MLM. More and more people are becoming aware that what is being taught in the industry are not working anymore. The reason why I write this article its because I want to share you the new and effective ways of doing MLM. I will discuss the following: personal branding, attraction marketing, and your own marketing skills. After reading this article, you should be able to become MLM Mastermind.

Personal Branding is uncommon term If you are offline network marketer. The principle of personal branding is quite opposite to the basics of traditional MLM marketing methods. Personal Branding states that you must first promote yourself, your value and your marketing skills to your prospect and then your own MLM company. The end result of doing personal branding is that you will be perceived as an expert by your prospect. I think you will agree that there’s a better chance to sponsor someone who perceived you as an expert than someone who perceive you as nobody.

Attraction Marketing is very similar to personal branding except it requires you to have understanding about the Law Of Sowing and Reaping or some called it Karma. So how can we apply Attraction Marketing to our own MLM business? The answer is simple. Give more knowledge or things that can affect your prospects life. It can be free training, report, consultation and so on. The rule of thumb here is to give without expecting in return. And what will happen is that your prospect will become attracted to you. On the long run he/she will be curious more about yourself and guess what? of course your prospect will believe in all what you say and ultimately will join your opportunity because they know you more personally before they become your team member.

Right Marketing Skills is very important factor in becoming an Online MLM Mastermind. The first 2 principles that I discussed earlier is the inner side to becoming an Online MLM Mastermind. But without the outer-side or the know how skills. The 2 principles will become useless. The first step to posses a right marketing skills is to unlearn all the unnecessary marketing skills that is not useful for your Online MLM Business, the second step is to search for the information and study it, and the final step is to put the knowledge into action. By doing this you are now on your way to becoming Online MLM Mastermind.