December 3, 2022


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How to Use QR Codes in Comic Conventions

Every year, SAN DIEGO COMIC CONVENTION or Comic-Con International tallies about 130,000 attendees from 18 years old and above. 

Comics have always been a definitive part of people’s leisure activities. It is where they can escape reality and create a world where they can freely express their creative side. 

As a tribute to the wonders of comics and their writers, comic fans organize international comic conferences to gather supporters and comic enthusiasts to share their craft and interact with each other. 

And just like other conferences, organizers are modernizing their promotions and shows using QR codes. Since 2011, international comic con organizers have been using these codes to create more buzz for their participants. 

With the wide availability of QR code generator software online today, Comic Convention organizers can inject it into their conferences. 

Do you want to know how QR codes are used in comic conferences? Check out these excellent comic con QR code uses in recent years. 

Best uses of QR codes for Comic Conventions 

QR codes for Comic-Con Memorabilia

Like other conferences, comic conferences also give out memorabilia to their participants and categorize them as prizes for the games, souvenirs for the comic con, and more. 

At the 2011 Comic Conference, the organizers used QR codes to randomly send out to participants and let them scan to know if they got the memorabilia. 

This excites attendees during the event and builds anticipation on the type of memorabilia they will get. 

QR codes for Comic-Con Scavenger Hunts

The International Comic Conference organizers are also helping the video game publisher THQ organize to promote their QR-code-driven scavenger hunt event in 2011. 

This event is part of the video game publisher’s campaign for the game Voltron. The organizers set up five standees across locations with a QR code. The participants then rush to find the standee with the possible prizes. 

They can redeem the prizes if the participants download the app to track the collected rewards. Once they gather them all, they can increase their chance of getting a TV, gaming console, and other merchandise. 

Comic-Con Tickets

From 2019 onwards, the International Comic Conference organizers are now modernizing their ticketing systems by adding an extra layer of security with every ticket they sell. 

They add a certification file to each ticket sold and store it in a PDF QR code for the participant to scan when they access it. 

Health Pass Gateway

The Russian Comic Conference event uses QR codes to ensure its attendees are fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus. In addition, they also require a negative RT PCR test in the last 72 hours. 

They implement this extra measure to ensure that no exposures are tracked during the event and mitigate the damages that may occur. 

Comic-Con ID

Comic-Con organizers are using QR codes as a modern way to track their participants’ attendance. 

To prepare their QR code attendance tracking system, the organizers announce about when’s the deadline of the registration and slowly verify if they have made their payment on time. 

After that, they print the participants’ QR codes in bulk and place them in their designated IDs. 

Some Comic-Con organizers are using a QR code generator with logo software to create a custom ID QR code and add the event logo to it. 

Comic conferences are one of the most challenging events that organizers prepare and execute. They host different meetings that talk about the comic culture, and which of them is adapted to the small screen or big screen, video, board, or card games. 

Because of these activities, the organizers are now tapping on using QR codes to modernize their comic con preparations and activities. 

Are you a comic club president and want to start a small comic conference in your area? You can begin integrating these codes and unlock new ways to use them during the event.