September 24, 2023


Marketing Needs Experts

How to Sponsor and Recruit People Quickly Into Your Network Marketing Business

If there is a secret to building a large and profitable network marketing business than the secret would be that quantity trumps quality in the beginning. A new recruit that spends a lot of time trying to locate quality prospects will always get beat by a new recruit that exposes their opportunity to a lot of new people in a short period of time. Network marketing always has and always will be a numbers game.

That is the beauty of this business. An uneducated person from a poor background but has a burning desire to succeed can become more successful than a college educated upper-class person that’s lazy. If the educated person talked to 25 people and recruited all of them, but the uneducated person talked to 300 people but only sponsors 50 people, he is likely to be more successful then the first person. Network marketing is the great equalizer. If you want to receive a lot of checks, talk to a lot of people. It’s as simple as that.

Imagine holding a deck of playing cards. As you know there are 52 cards in a deck of cards. Within those 52 cards are four aces. If I were to mix the deck up and then hand the cards to you, and then challenge you to find the four aces within one minute, do you think you could do it? Of course you could. You would quickly flip each card over until you found the aces. In essence you would discard the 48 cards that were not aces leaving you with the four cards that were aces.

Notice that you did not stop at the four of clubs and try to convince it that it was actually the ace of clubs. You also did not sit on the seven of diamonds waiting for it to decide if it wants to be an ace of diamonds or not. You simply sorted through the cards until you found the ones that were already aces. You used the process of elimination to find what you are looking for.

This is exactly the same way you build a network marketing business. You don’t try to convince people that they can do it. You don’t sit on people incubating them for two years and hope that they can do it.

All you do is sort through as many people as quickly as possible until you find the four aces. If you have a list of 100 prospects, you don’t spend a year talking to them. You don’t even spend a month talking to them. You do it in a week.

You simply call them up, and then ask them if they are open to creating income streams outside of what they are currently doing. If they say no, you move on. If they say yes, tie them into your system. Put them on a conference call, a video, a webinar or a three-way call with your upline. Whatever tools your business provides to you, use them. If you do not have a system or an upline to tie into, you are at a huge disadvantage. The team is more important than the company. Get on a winning team asap. Use the tools.

The point is if twenty of the people you talk to are going to join your business, they will join it whether you spend a week getting to them or if you spend a year getting to them. So why waste an entire year to get the same results you can get in one week? The benefit of doing it in a week is it creates a lot of momentum. Momentum can carry you a long way in your business. The only way to build your business is big and fast. Hurry up and get through the people that will tell you no, so you can get rich with the people that say yes. Start today so you can get paid tomorrow. Be bold go vertical.