June 23, 2024


Marketing Needs Experts

Great Ways to Promote Your Direct Selling Business

So what can you do?

1. Business Cards – You can either create your own or use a company such as vista print to source your cards. Remember to include your name, telephone number, email address and give an indication of what products/ service you provide.

2. Flyers/ Leaflets – Advertise your new business in shops, community centres, mums & toddler groups, your workplace and village hall notice boards.

3. Articles – I use EzineArticles but there are many others online. Articles are a great way to promote your business and will always contain a link to your blog or website along with your name at the foot of the article. Article writing can easily become addictive and lead to you becoming an expert author who is well respected.

4. Seminars/ Webinars – If you are building a team of your own, why not consider hosting a webinar to provide weekly/ monthly product training with a Q&A session at the end for people to get to know one another. Find out if your company offers a group webinar which you can invite people to.

5. Online forums – Take part in online forums that relate to your chosen business, offer advice to other members and place your link at the foot of each response to your website/ Facebook page. Do not use forums for sales pitching – you will be struck off for spamming!!

6. Commenting on blogs – Again – only comment on relevant blogs. As before NO sales pitches -your aim is to get your name/ business out there and not to spam.

7. Local networking groups – Get involved in local networking groups, I would recommend your local chamber of commerce or in my case the local women’s networking meeting which take place in my town each month.

8. Referrals – Your current customers are your best form of advertising. Ask or encourage customers to provide testimonials for your website or social media site. Ask customers to tell their friends about you if they are pleased with the services/ products you supply… Ensure that you encourage them to tell you if they are not pleased.

9. Buddy Up – Work with another local representative. This is great for events, shop promotions and canvassing. It is great to challenge each other too. We all like a little competition.

10. Prize Draw – Offer a prize to the winning slip pulled out of the box. Boxes can be left out at fundraising events to encourage people to give you’re their contact details for future promotions and special offers. If you get the opportunity to volunteer at local fundraising event you could use the Prize draw box and offer your latest brochure to potential customers.

11. Wear Your Business – This has to be one of the cheapest forms of advertising available. Most towns have local clothing printers where you can add a logo or tag line to a T-shirt from just £6.50; you may want to consider sweaters/ fleeces, hats and even bags… all great ways to promote your business, website or blog.

12. Use your details – when sending letters, emails or simply placing brochures through doors make sure your contact details are provided for your customers. If they don’t know how to get hold of you, there is little point in contacting them in the first place.

13. Social Networking Sites – This is probably the most lucrative form of advertising out there. Register with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest… This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are loads of different sites online where you can meet potential customers and promote you products/ offers.

14. Online stores – There are 3 main online stores for selling your products: Etsy (if you sell handmade products) eBay and Amazon. Familiarise yourself with the listing fees before signing up and commission payable after sales have been made. You will also need to take PayPal fees into consideration if you are using them to process payments.

15. Live, Eat & Breathe your new business. Talk about your business and your products when you meet new people, you may be just what they are looking for, be it to purchase goods or join your team as a representative/ consultant.

16. Learn from your up line. They have been there, they have done it, learn from them, they will get you where you want to be.

17. And Finally… HAVE FUN!! Enjoy your new business, if it’s not fun, you are in the wrong business.