May 24, 2024


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Five No Cost Minneapolis Job Search Websites

We’ve researched the most beneficial 5 free websites available on the net with regards to your Minneapolis Area job search. There really are high-quality, free resources scattered through the web to help you to research jobs in the Twin Cities, you just need to find them.

#5. Star Tribune 100: Undoubtedly, the most accurate, complete, and timely job data for an employer is available on their own internet site. The stunning part is that they are likewise probably the most overlooked sources of career information on the web – mainly because they’re hard to find. Each year, the Star Tribune newspaper (#2 below) publishes the Star Tribune 100. This is a list of the largest (by revenue) 100 Minnesota-based public companies. The list contains a brief overview of the company, key statistics, as well as a link to the employer’s home page.

#4. Newspapers may have given way to web-based search engines as the preferred resource for job postings. Having said that, they are still widely used and just about all contain an online version out there (some for a fee). Additionally, smaller newspaper websites, while not as polished as the large sites, are an excellent source of solely local or part-time work that wouldn’t warrant the employer making (and paying for) an ad in a regional paper or search engine. If you want to find part-time work in Plymouth, by way of example, the local Plymouth newspaper is an excellent resource. is an online index of newspapers by city.

#3. iSeek: iSeek careers is a Minnesota-focused job site that was more difficult to uncover than it should have been, given that it’s an awesome website. This webpage has a very nice free section on career study and a database of 500 careers to scrutinize. What’s Minnesota-specific regarding this? They have a ‘Find a Job’ area which includes regional-specific information including employers, job openings, wage data, and top careers. A lot of the same tools the bigger sites include, but with a Minnesota-angle.

#2) Star Tribune Jobs: The Star Tribune is by far the most important newspaper in Minnesota (while located in Minneapolis and certainly with a Twin Cities focus). The have a ‘Star Tribune Jobs’ area that combines a regional search utility with regional specific career info. They have a full-featured search tool and free registration delivers access to some extras like resume submission and e-mail job notifications. Additional business section features help research employers, learn about key company leaders, and keep up to date on Minneapolis and St. Paul business-related events and activities. Plus, it’s all still free.

#1) Monster: No shocker here. Being the most preferred job search website on the planet has some specific advantages – the most important one is the volume of posted jobs. They also have a considerable amount of additional features like career research, e-mail notification, and an employer database. Registration is optional but free of charge, and required to use some of the additional tools. Use Monster.