June 13, 2024


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Eric Blue: How the CEO of Nevly Achieved His Success

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Becoming the CEO of any successful company takes a lot of hard work and dedication to see an idea through. It’s one thing to develop an idea for a company, but there needs to be much more than that to make an impact.

Eric Blue currently serves as the founder and CEO of Nevly. This company strives to be a perfect fit for those needing help with their finances. It’s been just two years since being founded and Nevly has already found success in helping members begin the process of changing their financial health outcomes.

How did this former lawyer become a leader in the fintech space? There’ve been a lot of twists and turns in the life of Eric Blue, but that journey has him in a unique spot right now.

A Passion For Law

Eric Blue seemed destined to have a career in law after college graduation. He studied mathematics at Xavier University of Louisiana and then headed to The University of Texas School of Law to pursue a law degree.

After excelling in law school, he worked for a pair of international law firms, mainly focused on capital markets and M&A transactions. With a history of mathematics and working as an investment banker before law school, some level of connection to finance made founding Nevly a natural evolution of a well rounded career.

Working in law seemed like what Blue wanted for the rest of his life, but a constant feeling of something was missing together with a burning desire for its customer base would eventually lead to his founding Nevly.

Becoming a CEO

Nevly isn’t the first company Blue has served as CEO for. In 2014, Eric Blue became the CEO and Chief Investment Officer for Valler Holdings Corp. This was slightly different from working as an attorney, as he was now responsible for a all strategic and operational aspects of the business.

Valler Holdings was about something other than providing financial value for the company. They wanted to be true partners with the companies that they invested in. That means helping companies and stakeholders benefit. Blue felt it was a natural fit for him in terms of what he had been searching for.

He was running a company, and seeing it grow only made Blue more and more curious about the possibility of building something from the ground up. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not to pursue this would come down to figuring out whether there was a pain point that consumers struggled with and whether solving that pain point was something that spoke to him intellectually, spiritually and emotionally.

Launching Nevly

Every job held by Eric Blue before launching Nevly helped play a role in developing him as the right entrepreneur for this journey. Without a background in finance and law, he likely lacks the confidence and knowledge to develop something entirely on his own.

Blue looks back at some of the struggles he observed his mother fight through during his childhood as inspiration for the development of the ethos of Nevly as well as the development of the company’s operating model. Nevly is a fintech company with a mission of leveraging technology to improve financial health and drive more positive financial health outcomes for financially underserved consumers. 

On a real deep level, Nevly’s products are designed to solve the problems of everyday consumers and modeled after the solutions that he imagines his mother would hope she had when he was growing up. In deciding to embark on this journey the first step to building this the right way was to begin talking to prospective customers and ensuring that the products the company builds would be tailor made to solve real tangible problems. Both Nevly Money – the first product launched by the company in December 2022 and its mobile application – set to be released in Q2 2023 are built on the back of extensive and ongoing customer interviews. This process ensures that the company delivers what consumers say they need to improve their financial outcomes.

Nevly’s mission is focused on leveraging technology to build the most comprehensive set of products geared to improving a consumer’s financial health.

Helping Nevly Grow

In just two years, Nevly has made significant progress. It’s launched its Nevly Money product, which is focused on helping consumers improve their credit scores faster and cheaper than legacy credit repair companies. The company is on track to launch its financial health focused mobile application in the second quarter of 2023. They continue to make tweaks to make life easier and have everything running as smoothly as possible.

Eric Blue sees Nevly as a company that can drive better financial health outcomes for people at different stages of life by delivering personalized products that drive real outcomes. Some may need to improve their credit scores in a time sensitive manner. Others could be struggling getting control of their finances and in need of a comprehensive tool that can deliver tailored personalized advice.

Nevly’s model is premised on putting its customers first and driving product innovation that is focused on delivering real solutions to tangible solutions that consumers are struggling with. That is why the company engages in a relentless amount of customer discovery and looks for every opportunity to engage and stay engaged with its community of members. Additionally, members can reach out and get information if something doesn’t make sense. 

What’s Next For Eric Blue?

The immediate focus for Eric Blue is all about making Nevly the best company possible to serve members and building a team of engaged colleagues who share his passion for delivering real change to underserved consumers.