November 29, 2023


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Christian Business Book Review – Becoming A Millionaire God’s Way

By: Dr. C. Thomas Anderson

ISBN 978-0-446-51096-7

Book Price: $15.50

Over 130 members become millionaires

Dr. C. Thomas Anderson is the founder and senior pastor of the Living Word Bible Church in Mesa, Arizona. He has taken principles from this book and helped over 130 members of his congregation go from having
nothing to becoming millionaires God’s way. The foreword by Robert T. Kiyosaki validates this great book and author.

Elements to becoming a millionaire God’s way

Dr. Anderson includes 14 chapters in this expanded edition, sharing the following: Adjust your attitude to think like a millionaire (Ch. 2), Get out of thinking habits that hold us back financially (Ch. 6), Retain dogged persistence to become wealthy (Ch. 10), Get focused and stay focused to become wealthy (Ch. 11), and much more!

Gaining wealth is every person’s prerogative

Dr. C. Thomas Anderson communicates in a forthright, relational, and humorous style. His many stories and illustrations aim to disarm reader’s to release them to receive more wealth. Dr. Anderson shares about a man receiving a “Born to Lose” tattoo, “The Chinese man looked at him and said, “Tattoo in heart before on his arm.””

Anderson’s writing skillfully attacks “myths” that hold readers from wealth. He inspires readers through words of encouragement, as in his statement, “When you achieve wisdom, the world will seek you out to ask your advice.”

Many make excuses for not venturing into fearful territory that wealthy people prosper from. Dr. Anderson shares a life story about buying a car (that God pointed out) for $500 and selling it for $1,600 a week later. This story leads to his powerful statement, “This is the secret of wealth… Buy assets that can be fixed up and resold… “

Dr. Anderson employs his quick wit to inject cutting truth into readers to set them free from depraved thinking. Following is one such statement, “Too many people have a wishbone where they should have a
backbone.” He was illustrating the point that we have all we need to become rich; we simply must work hard and never quit!

One of Dr. Anderson’s final illustrations was about Antony’s life (270AD) of poverty viewed as spiritual. He says, “The idea of poverty is not based on Scripture. It came from an entirely different source… ” What helpful truth!

Liberate thousands into wealthy living

Dr. C. Thomas Anderson has presented a classic tool that will liberate thousands into wealthy living!

Success Step: List 7 good reasons for you becoming wealthy. Then know why God would never want you poor!