May 22, 2024


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Brand Image – Creating Positive Brand Image

Your corporate brand is the coherent outward expression or your company’s mission statement, business strategy and activities. Basically, in the public mind you are as you act and the most carefully created marketing strategy in the world will not be enough to overcome bad image if the public sees you acting irresponsibly or recklessly. Since the perception of your brand has direct correlation to public confidence and thereby to profits, careful stewardship of the brand image is highly recommended. But if your corporate brand comes from all of these different strands of business activity, how do you create positive brand image? Further, how do you create an image that inspires confidence in your specific consumer group?

The first thing to understand is that you cannot apply corporate brand like a veneer over the top of your organization. The public’s perception will come from every interaction your company has, from news stories, from charity events, from sponsorships and from your employee’s public behavior. If the brand is simple as a marketing slogan then it will not come through and you will have spent a great deal of money on creating empty words. Your brand is an already existing entity. The employment marketing techniques can simply help you give the brand focus and an easily remembered slogan.

If your corporate brand comes from the already existing paradigms within your company then to ensure that it is positive you will need to review practices and public interactions. What you want when creating a positive brand image is to eliminate the corporate behaviors that lead to bad public perception and amplify those that give positive press. In addition amplifying good behaviors will have the benefit of energizing your employees so that they represent you well in public. Once you have identified the positive traits already existing in your company you can concentrate on adding those features that you think are needed to fill out the positive corporate brand. It is a prime example of how the old adage about beauty only being skin deep applies in the corporate world.

After all the procedures and behaviors are in place and working well it will be an easy matter for your marketing department to ‘package’ them into a brand statement. When the corporate slogan matches the brand as the public perceives it you will have a successful and positive corporate brand image.