May 30, 2023


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BI Reporting - 3 Ways Domo has Changed it for Good

BI Reporting – 3 Ways Domo has Changed it for Good

The small business intelligence (BI) / analytics room has evolved radically above the last 20 years, which include a go absent from classic BI reporting in the procedure, in direction of present day BI that fulfills the demands of fashionable companies.

BI Reporting is No Lengthier the Focus

In the early days of BI, there had been two essential concentrate parts together with basic reporting (which commonly intended very formatted, pixel-best reviews such as economical stories) and OLAP style evaluation across dimensions and measures (working with pre-crafted and then afterwards dynamically modeled cubes). The most well-known platforms of the time were being in the beginning focused around fast, pre-calculated, file-primarily based OLAP analysis. This was immensely popular as it was performant and also enabled business consumers to slice and dice throughout their main dimensions.

The use more pertinent to this discussion is what could be termed “bi reporting”, which essentially aided businesses recreate their paper studies in a BI system, with a substantial degree of style manage, offering end users a common expertise to their paper experiences, although leveraging their data dynamically for interactions such as slicing with dimension dropdown menus and more.

The Marketplace Moved to Visualization and Analysis

Although as a result of the 90’s and into the 2000’s the BI reporting agenda was very common, above time it turned evident that really formatted reports, pixel-best reports and just the a lot more antiquated strategies of what “reports” should be changed, to set it only. The emphasis moved from recreating paper studies on the net much much more to driving insights out of organization’s important data resources with a lot easier-to-use, small business-focused visualization and examination resources.

This improve in target and resulting demand gave rise to the very well-recognised “data visualization” vendors that wholly adjusted the market and expanded it even more. This also more de-emphasised the aging bi reporting agenda even even more. In the direction of the beginning, most of those people “data visualization” tools concentrated on stop-consumer examination abilities to the exclusion of all other agendas.

Domo Improved Analytics Permanently

Domo entered the market place at a time when businesses began inquiring tricky questions about the viability of the frequently-desktop-oriented “data visualization” resources for the organization. What they obtained in agility and person fulfillment, they shed in governance and dependability. There have been several other tradeoffs as properly, but Domo came to market with a brand new get on BI / analytics and improved it for the great in three key means:

General performance

Domo created the initial correct cloud analytics system that elevated performance past the desktop ability of the existing knowledge visualization sellers (which usually relied on area Personal computer or mac processing electric power), whilst also enabling IT once more to govern and secure the analytics.


Domo additional de-emphasized the will need to flip tech persons and enterprise users into designers by as an alternative developing the Domo system where something established appears great. This looks easy, but was revolutionary. There was a essential misunderstanding by all the other sellers that in some way the entire marketplace desired pixel-fantastic management.

That in depth handle resulted in unattractive and frequently unusable dashboards and bi content material due to the fact unqualified technical folks and customers have been thrust into the purpose of designer. Domo adjusted all of that so that customers and technical persons can create the articles, but the design and style of the system is these that all content material generally seems experienced, 100% of the time.


Although Domo delivers all the significant styles of BI articles these as vintage, formatted BI reporting, it modified the focus altogether by hunting at the relevance of enabling organization customers to push insights from the data with lighting-rapid functionality (important to user gratification and adoption) and married that with a single, seamless cloud platform for end users to collaborate close to their analytics. The concept of collaborative analytics was not new, it just in no way experienced a likelihood to operate prior to Domo due to the fact of the fragmented, desktop and even traditional server-based mostly environments.

BI reporting is an older agenda, still important and included in the Domo platform, but just part of a cohesive platform.
Domo continues to force the sector in the direction of excellence for.

When on the surface area it may appear to be like efficiency, design and cohesiveness and collaboration might not be groundbreaking changes, but for any individual who lived by way of the pain of the 1st 20 a long time of the BI room- with the huge spends with lower ROI, minimal adoption, awful effectiveness and fragmented user experiences- it is in actuality the complete variation to offering on the guarantee of BI and all its benefit, even such as BI reporting.

When you incorporate this ahead-contemplating heritage and platform with the most significant rising agenda for providers currently all around developing contemporary “Data Apps” that leverage the concepts that created Domo what it is now, Domo is presently in the course of action of redefining the sector the moment again.