May 21, 2024


Marketing Needs Experts

Benefits of 3-Way Calling Prospects in Network Marketing

The 3-way conference call has remained one of the common methods that many network marketers use to convert a lead. Not every marketer uses this technique, simply out of fear of talking on the phone, or because it has not proven to be a successful method for them. However, if you have not been using the 3-way call, it may be something you want to consider for helping to convert leads.

Personally, I never saw the value in suggesting a new prospect to speak with my sponsor. It seemed like an unneeded extra step. I felt this way until I set-up my first call. The prospect contacted me for more information and I set up the conference call so that my sponsor could do a bulk of the explanation. Here is why I feel this works:

  • Your prospect gets to talk to real people and not personalities they’ve read online.
  • Your sponsor has more experience and can do a good job at explaining the opportunity.
  • You get to know your prospect better and learn why they are interested.
  • You gain training as you listen to your sponsor explain the benefits.
  • Your lead is more likely to convert after speaking to you and your sponsor.

Besides the benefits above, you also open up the lines of communication with your prospect. If your prospect needs time to make their decision, they know that they can contact you without hesitation. Should they join your team right away, they can feel secure in knowing that they have joined a supportive team.

Not every 3-way call you set up will be a success, however, chances are that you will make the decision easier for your prospect either way. If you have given up on the 3-way call or are afraid to try it, give it a chance – you could land your next new team member!