June 23, 2024


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5 Reasons Small Businesses Should Go For Managed Cloud Hosting

6 Reasons to Consider Managed Cloud Hosting for your Small Business

Over the last decade, cloud-based services have taken the digital world by storm. Today, you can use cloud networks for various services like data storage, online collaboration, app development and testing, and website hosting

A Cloud Hosting service has gained popularity due to features like instant scalability, top-notch security, and data redundancy.

What is Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a scalable and cost-effective website hosting service. A cloud web host stores your website data and files on multiple servers instead of a single physical server. 

When you buy a Cloud Hosting plan, you can choose between Linux and Windows Hosting, HDD and SSD Cloud Servers, and Unmanaged and Managed cloud services based on your needs. 

A Cloud Hosting provider offers a range of benefits that allow websites of all sizes to be hosted efficiently. Today, we will discuss small business websites and examine five reasons they should opt for a Managed Cloud Hosting plan.

  1. Instant Scalability

Small businesses have basic requirements from the hosting server since their websites are usually basic and offer limited services. However, as the business, so does the website. Therefore, the hosting plan needs more resources to ensure optimum site performance. 

A cloud host can add resources to your account in no time since it has a cloud storage network at the back end. In addition, most Cloud Hosting plans offer instant resource scalability to manage sudden resource requirements easily. 

When you opt for a Managed Cloud Hosting plan, a technical expert is assigned to your account for server and site management. This expert monitors resource utilisation and recommends adding resources before impacting the site’s performance.

  1. Top-notch security

With Managed Cloud Hosting, the technical expert assigned to your account runs vulnerability and virus/malware scans to protect your site. 

Hence, you don’t have to spend time or resources ensuring the safety of your website.

  1. Advanced caching

Setting up and managing a caching solution requires time and some technical expertise. 

With Managed Cloud Hosting, the technical expert assigned to your account ensures you get the most out of the caching solution deployed for your site.

  1. App integration

Your website might need specific applications and software for optimum performance. 

With a Managed Cloud Hosting plan, the technical expertise ensures that these apps are installed and integrated with your system without causing any downtime or glitches.

  1. Technical Support

Running and managing a website is a technical process. However, since people expect sites to be available round-the-clock, if you face a problem that is interrupting site availability or impacting its performance, you need to take care of it as soon as possible. 

With Managed Cloud Hosting, you can contact the technical expert assigned to you or the host’s technical support team for faster resolution of such issues.

Summing Up

Usually, a small business does not have a large IT team. Also, the budget for web hosting services is typically low. 

However, they compete with medium-to-large businesses online. Hence, they need to ensure a seamless site experience for online users. A Managed Cloud Hosting plan offers all these features in a cost-efficient package making it ideal for small business websites.